RED LIP STICK How To Apply for Skintones


Red Lip Stick Instruction for Applying Red Lipstick

Find out how to wear lip stick that is red. Instructions for applying lipstick with colors through pictures, and video.

Red lips are like red underwear, irresistible.

The reason why Hollywood beauties wear lipstick that is red is because it is classic, alluring, and dramatically opulent.

Some people think they do not look good in lipstick that is red, or may think they do not know how to wear red lipstick.

Actually, everyone can look good in red lipstick. There is a red lipstick skin tone match for everyone.

Red lipsticks are different from nude lipstick. A nude lipstick is worn when other features of the face are highlighted, or an all over natural face appearance is desired. When wearing red lipstick, other facial features should be down played, or muted.

red lip stick mae west

red lip stick mae west

About Red Lip Stick

Choosing the right color for your skin tone

Your skin tone and the red color tone you choose is important. You want the red to merge brilliantly with the tone of your skin. Here’s how to do it.

Pale Skin Tone with pink undertones

Create some drama.

The best red lip stick for your pale skin tone, or the fair skin tone (with pink undertones) are the true reds, and blue based reds. Make sure the lipstick you choose is creamy, and thick. The heavy density of the lipstick will help to add the illusion of richness, and body. This lipstick of red should not be glossy, or dry. Try Queen Sinner Lipstick, Rouge recommended by the makeup artist for the celebrities, Patti Dubroff.

Red Lipstick Blue Based

Lipstick Queen Sinner Opaque Lipstic…


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Olive Skin Tone

The best red lipstick for your olive skin tone, and the tawny skin tones are orange-red, or reds with golden and yellow bases. Try Yves Saint Laurent: Rouge Volupte in Red Muse.

Red Lip stick orange yellow

Yves Saint Laurent Yves Saint Lauren…


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Dark Skin Tone

The best red lip stick for black women, and cherry tones are deeper and brighter colors. Tangerine colors, are recommended, and for the darker complexions line your lips with a plum lip liner as seen in this photo with NARS Lipstick Heat Wave.

Red Lipstick Black Women

NARS Semi-Matte Lipstick, Heat Wave


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Sheer Lip Glosses and Lipsticks

Sheer reds and glosses always look great because they are light, and add a hint of delicious youthful cherry, or rosebud color to the face. This sheer color can be applied a few times until you get the desired richness of color that you want. It is light weight and smooth, with a lot of sheer pigment. Try Lancome Replenishing Lipcolor, in Red Chiffon red lip stick sheer

Red Lipstick Sheer Swatch

Applying Lipstick Steps to get the perfect red lip

Follow these easy steps, to get the perfect lip.

#1 Exfoliate your lips:

Watch the video on this page for great exfoliation tips. Wear lip balm or chap-stick the night before.

#2 Use foundation:

Use powder and foundation on the lips, not concealer. Your lipstick will stay on longer, and won’t smudge. Also, helps to create the perfect lip shape.

#3 Use a lip liner:

Lining the lips is the most important step. The liner should be the same tone or color of the lipstick. If you do not have the same color, use a tone one level beneath your lip color, or just a bit duller. Duller does not mean darker, please do not use dark or black liners.

For the appearance of fuller lips line just outside of your lips. (optional: Fill in your lips with the same lip liner for more density)

If you find it difficult to line your lips, make small dashes around the perimeter of your lips, and connect the dots.

#4 Use a Q-tip:

Clean around the perimeter of lips, to make a precise lip shape. Use more foundation for clean up if necessary.

#5 Fill in your lips with the lip color:

If using a brush, make it a small lip brush. Carefully use short strokes from outer corners to inner lip. If you wish to apply a couple of layers, blot between each layer with a lint free cloth (bounty paper towel).

Important Note:

If you do not want to blot the lipstick, you can use a lip stain to deepen the color under your lipstick. This also gives you longer wear time.

“Never go out without your lipstick”

Here is my Grand Ma, born 1901, and her motto “never go out without your lipstick”, thanks Mom, I have never forgotten that great advice.

Red Lipstick My grandma

How to Apply Red Lip Stick

My red lipstick ritual.

Products Used for red lip stick application:

  • MAC Lip Conditioner
  • Red Enriched Lip Liner
  • Classic Dame Mattine Lipstick
  • Pure Vanity Lipglass
  • Studio Finish Concealer NC15

Good red lipstick colors, Ruby Woo, Russian Red (matte), Lady Bug, and Mac Red (shiny)


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