The Color Wheel Chart

Warm skin colors what’s your skins undertone? Do you have cool skin tone, dark skin tone, olive skin tone, or lighter skin tone? Learn the MAC process.

Watch the video to determine your skin tone

The video will also show you undertone color belongs to your skin tone. Your undertone is olive, blue, green, red, yellow.

The video will show you a few different methods to help you reveal your correct skin tone, and undertone including the vein test, and others. There are a few different color charts, for skin color, skin tones, warm skin tones, and cool skin tones.

The video is only three (3) minutes, excellent and highly recommended.

What is an undertone?

Your undertone determines whether you are a warm or cool skin tone. The undertone is the tint to your underlying skin tone. Your skins actual color is called the skin tone, the color created by your blood vessels is called the undertone.

Your undertone, is just as important as the skin tone when choosing fashion colors. It’s a basic rule that warm skin tones, have green veins. Confused? Take a quick look at the video for complete, and easy information.

Do you look better in gold, or white. What does this have to do with undertones, you might ask. Look at the video, and find out.

Although your skins tone changes from season to season, and from year to year your skins undertone will never change.

Why is undertone important?

Find the right undertone for your skin tone, and compliment your tone with the right fashion colors. Your results will be amazing. You and everyone else will see your glowing radiant skin. Your hair will look fantastic even on a bad hair day. Your eyes will appear bright and clear.

You will look great and feel great

If you do not find the right colors for your skins tone, you will look tired, and dark circles will appear darker, bad hair days will be evident, and your teeth will look more like corn kernels. Not pretty . . .

Colors for Warm Skin Tones

These are some colors to be used for warm skin. You may use any variable hues of these colors to create an almost unlimited, and fashionable color palette.

These tones will remind you of the earthly elements. They are the tones of orange, yellow, brown, oranges, reds.

warm skin tone colors

Characteristics of warm skin

Watch the video to see example skin tones

  • Looks great in ivory. Black washes you out.



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