The Color Wheel

A spring theme wedding has many options. A few of these spring wedding themes include butterfly wedding, and flower wedding cakes.


Ideas for Wedding Things

This butterfly dress is beautiful, and can be created with or without fur around the bodice.

You can create this dress yourself, the pattern is available by Coutre patterns.
spring theme wedding coutre dress
spring theme wedding coutre dress butterfly


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Pink Theme Wedding is One of the Color Theme Wedding Ideas Other Theme Weddings Include Wedding Ideas for Fall Wedding Colors and May Wedding Colors to Name a Few.


Ideas for Color Theme Wedding Things

Wedding and fashion colors are chosen by experts that participate in the yearly extravaganza known as New York Fashion Week. This spectacular week is the most anticipated of the year for all color and fashion experts worldwide.
The pink wedding theme is often paired together with the color taupe. Both colors together are luscious and give a feeling of warmth. Taupe happens to be a favorite color for fashion experts. There is a perfect theme that closely resembles taupe, and pink.

The perfect wedding theme is pink, and gold.

The elegant color scheme is exquisite, and royal.

Pink + Gold = your perfect wedding

Gold Pink Theme Wedding Cake

Look at all the details in the picture. Details are going to be very important in your wedding scheme.

Notice the background walls of this room.

The walls are not pink.

Sometimes pink can get a bit mundane if over done. It is such a relaxing color, it could get boring.

Additionally, the curtains are pink, with gold curtain tassels. The walls are muted, and in the taupe color family. Which matches perfectly with gold.

Check here for the pink and orange wedding color meaning for fabulous pink.

There are lots of different pinks you can choose for your theme.

Experiment with some of these pink colors:

  • Light pink
  • Cotton candy pink
  • Misty rose pink
  • Hot pink
  • Shell pink
  • Cherry Blossom pink
  • Carnation pink
  • Lavender pink

Pink hues of color mix and match easily together.

Choose the pink shades that you love. It can be one, or more hue of pink in your wedding color palette.

However, using more than 3 different hues of color can be distracting to the viewer.

Here are recommendations for usage with the color pink:

  • Pink table cloths
  • Pink table napkins
  • Pink chair backs
  • Pink window treatments
  • Pink satin alter runner
  • Pink flower, carnations are awesome

Fabulous Dahhhhling!

Pink Theme Wedding flowers

Pink Theme Wedding flowers


  • Gold utensils
  • Gold dining ware
  • Pale Pink with Gold overlay on the Place Settings
  • Gold Ribbon for the Flowers
  • Gold Centerpieces
  • Gold Wedding Favors
  • Gold Gift Bags
  • Gold Foil Hershey Kisses
  • Gold Ring Pillow
  • Bridesmaids dresses pale pink with large gold band



Other Wedding Decoration Ideas Gold Dinnerware

Other Wedding Decoration Ideas Gold Dinnerware

  • In the washroom have pink soaps tied with gold lace
  • Small 3×3 pink paper bag with gold lace around the edge, holding guest favors
  • Pink and Gold Program and Menus

We all know the diamond is almost the most important thing, besides the groom.

We want to make sure you have everything you need for your pink themed wedding. You definitely need a pink diamond engagement ring. A standard clear diamond does not match the theme of this wedding.

Are you loving these Pink Theme Wedding ideas? Have any ideas to add?


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Color Themes

Pink and Orange Wedding Colors Orange Wedding Color Themes and Wedding Colors Ideas Pink Theme Wedding Color Purple and Silver Fall Wedding Themes.

Tips and ideas to make your wedding day one to remember

Pink and orange colors for orange wedding color themes. Other wedding colors ideas include pink theme wedding, purple and silver wedding colors, and fall wedding themes.

Flowers for Your Wedding

In Orange and Pink Wedding Colors

pink and orange wedding theme

Carnations are extremely popular wedding flowers. Carnations are beautiful, and can be found all year round especially in the wedding colors orange.

Carnations are the perfect orange wedding flowers that brides usually use for their pink, orange wedding color themes mixed.

Carnation wedding flowers also come in all the colors of the rainbow, for your wedding themes, and are very inexpensive.

Place Cards to Match

Your Pink and Orange Wedding Color Themes

Pink and Orange Wedding Color Themes

Bridal place cards are easy to make for your orange wedding, and pink wedding color themes. The most difficult part of the entire process, is finding the texture, and color for the paper you want to use in your wedding color scheme.

Find heavy card stock ( textured if preferred ) in your wedding color schemes.

  • Free placement cards, and templates can be found at – free-printable.com/place-cards.html. You can re-create these cards in any card stock paper, and colors you choose.
  • The place card should have your guests first and last name on it.
  • Print the place cards
  • Cut the placement cards very neatly, preferably using a paper-cutter.
  • With a hole puncher, create a small hole in the upper left hand corner of your bridal placement card.
  • String a ribbon through the small hole, in the color of your choice. Because a place card is usually small, choose a slender ribbon.

Wedding Themes for
Pink and Orange Cakes

pink and orange wedding cake
pink and orange cake2
pink and orange wedding cake 3

Here are some additional ideas

  • Use the same colors for your invitations.
  • Use the same color ribbons, in differing sizes. For example use different size ribbon for napkins, place cards, napkins, and invitations.
  • Wrap a folded napkin around your silverware, and a ribbon in your wedding color scheme. Sit the wrapped utensils on the plate, like a gift.

PURPLE WEDDING The Color Wheel Chart


The Color Wheel Chart

Your first The colors for Pantone are selected by Pantone fashion experts for the exclusive colour of the year.


Wedding Themes

The color purple is one of the wedding themes for wedding color ideas. The pink theme wedding is a popular favorite, and so is silver.

Weddings colors ideas show that most weddings colors for dresses today can be found in classic white and ivory.

Purple wedding colors and purple carnations information for Butterfly wedding and fall wedding colors. Popular wedding colors and love flowers.

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Wedding Colors Purple Themes

These wedding colors purple also match with your pink theme weddings.

  • Plum
  • Indigo
  • Eggplant
  • Lavender
  • Indigo
  • Aubergine

Wedding Color Ideas

The purple theme wedding symbolizes love, and power.

Purple flowers have always been considered the love flower, or flowers of the gods.

In the ancient days of the Romans only the fortunate affluent rich individuals could afford purple dyes.  Purple was used by the wealthy.

Today, purple gives us a feeling of richness, and elegance especially when we see purple in velvet, or satin.

A purple wedding is very passionate, impressively rich, and elegant if you use lots of it through out your wedding themes.  Here are some purple ideas for your wedding.

  • Dresses
  • Decorations
  • Desserts
  • Bouquets

Purple Popular Wedding Looks

  • Modern Look: Lavender accented with yellow or bright green
  • Classic Look: Deep purple accented with blue and brown
weddings colors purple

weddings colors purple

Purple Flowers

    • Carnations
  • Hydrangeas
  • Roses
  • Lilies
  • Lavender
  • Campanulas
  • Orchids