The Color Wheel

Carnations are love flowers including the pink carnation, purple flower carnations.


Carnations Meanings

The history of carnations dates back to ancient Greece. Flower  Many carnations used for weddings are carnations pinks, yellow, and purple flowers and date back to ancient Greek history.

wedding carnations all colors

Carnations are popular in yellow carnations pinks, and other colored carnation picks.

Purple carnations the love flower and popular yellow carnations. There are many different flowers, and colors to choose from for your wedding day.


  • Some flowers will be more readily available than others.  So consider shopping for flowers that are in season.  The easier it is to get the flower, the less expensive they will be. Carnations are available year-long, and are easy to acquire.
  • Carnations also last a long time.  The life span of a carnation out lasts that of the rose (another popular wedding flower).
  • The wedding carnation also comes in a variety of colors, and can be dyed any color you choose.
  • Carnations are cheap (inexpensive, beautiful, many colors, and long-lasting).


The first colors to be considered are your favorites.  Take a look in your closet, and you will see a dominant color that stands out.  This dominant color will probably be your favorite color.  Consider choosing this color.

The seasons of the year should also be considered when deciding on flowers, and colors.

  • The best colors to choose from for the spring season are bright, vibrant colors.  Consider using the colors that are hot this year orange, pink, purple, green, and blues.
  • If you are having a fall wedding consider using the sage greens, or jewel tones such as purple, and deep blue.
  • Summer options are hot pink, and the brighter colors such as yellow, and orange.

Make sure you always choose what you love.  It’s your day!

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The Color Wheel

A spring theme wedding has many options. A few of these spring wedding themes include butterfly wedding, and flower wedding cakes.


Ideas for Wedding Things

This butterfly dress is beautiful, and can be created with or without fur around the bodice.

You can create this dress yourself, the pattern is available by Coutre patterns.
spring theme wedding coutre dress
spring theme wedding coutre dress butterfly


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The Color Wheel

Popular Wedding Colors and Pink Theme Wedding include May Wedding Colors and September Wedding Colors.


Popular colors for your wedding

Some of the popular colors for weddings are September, and May wedding colors.

Pantone Colors

Pantone is the leader in choosing wedding colors for NY Fashion weeks style experts, including trends in wedding color schemes.

  • The color favorite for 2010 is Turquoise.
  • The color favorite for 2011 is Honeysuckle.

Choosing colors for your wedding? Choose your favorite color and create a unique experience for everyone.

We have done lots of research to show you the whats hot for your elegant wedding day.


  • Pink theme wedding
  • Coral and diamond blue
  • Emerald Green
  • Teal Blue
  • Wedding colors purple shades and hues
  • Gold
  • Black and apple red
  • Peapod green
  • Blush pink with mauve, and gold
  • Navy, and hot pink
  • Light yellow, light coral orange, with sky blue
  • Black with hot pink
  • Sky blue with lavender
  • Teal Blue
popular wedding colors

popular wedding colors

popular wedding colors

popular wedding colors


pink mauve wedding dresses

May weddings are the spring wedding color schemes.  Many new brides are adding color to their bridal dresses.  Adding a splash of spring color to your wedding dress is a good idea.


It is popular to have a big beautiful colorful satin sash, is excellent for a spring wedding.

popular wedding dress burgundy sash

popular wedding dress with burgundy sash

Colors schemes for your September color schemes.

  • Purple
  • Tangerine
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Burgundy
  • Gold
  • Dark Green
  • Brown
  • Plum
  • Cream

Choosing Color Schemes for your Wedding

New York Fashion Week is the most anticipated week of the year for all color and fashion experts worldwide.

  • Choose color schemes according to your personal favorites.
  • Match colors with all wedding favors, guest book, stationary, napkins etc.
  • Choose colors that will ensure you are the brightest light that shines that day



Pink Theme Wedding is One of the Color Theme Wedding Ideas Other Theme Weddings Include Wedding Ideas for Fall Wedding Colors and May Wedding Colors to Name a Few.


Ideas for Color Theme Wedding Things

Wedding and fashion colors are chosen by experts that participate in the yearly extravaganza known as New York Fashion Week. This spectacular week is the most anticipated of the year for all color and fashion experts worldwide.
The pink wedding theme is often paired together with the color taupe. Both colors together are luscious and give a feeling of warmth. Taupe happens to be a favorite color for fashion experts. There is a perfect theme that closely resembles taupe, and pink.

The perfect wedding theme is pink, and gold.

The elegant color scheme is exquisite, and royal.

Pink + Gold = your perfect wedding

Gold Pink Theme Wedding Cake

Look at all the details in the picture. Details are going to be very important in your wedding scheme.

Notice the background walls of this room.

The walls are not pink.

Sometimes pink can get a bit mundane if over done. It is such a relaxing color, it could get boring.

Additionally, the curtains are pink, with gold curtain tassels. The walls are muted, and in the taupe color family. Which matches perfectly with gold.

Check here for the pink and orange wedding color meaning for fabulous pink.

There are lots of different pinks you can choose for your theme.

Experiment with some of these pink colors:

  • Light pink
  • Cotton candy pink
  • Misty rose pink
  • Hot pink
  • Shell pink
  • Cherry Blossom pink
  • Carnation pink
  • Lavender pink

Pink hues of color mix and match easily together.

Choose the pink shades that you love. It can be one, or more hue of pink in your wedding color palette.

However, using more than 3 different hues of color can be distracting to the viewer.

Here are recommendations for usage with the color pink:

  • Pink table cloths
  • Pink table napkins
  • Pink chair backs
  • Pink window treatments
  • Pink satin alter runner
  • Pink flower, carnations are awesome

Fabulous Dahhhhling!

Pink Theme Wedding flowers

Pink Theme Wedding flowers


  • Gold utensils
  • Gold dining ware
  • Pale Pink with Gold overlay on the Place Settings
  • Gold Ribbon for the Flowers
  • Gold Centerpieces
  • Gold Wedding Favors
  • Gold Gift Bags
  • Gold Foil Hershey Kisses
  • Gold Ring Pillow
  • Bridesmaids dresses pale pink with large gold band



Other Wedding Decoration Ideas Gold Dinnerware

Other Wedding Decoration Ideas Gold Dinnerware

  • In the washroom have pink soaps tied with gold lace
  • Small 3×3 pink paper bag with gold lace around the edge, holding guest favors
  • Pink and Gold Program and Menus

We all know the diamond is almost the most important thing, besides the groom.

We want to make sure you have everything you need for your pink themed wedding. You definitely need a pink diamond engagement ring. A standard clear diamond does not match the theme of this wedding.

Are you loving these Pink Theme Wedding ideas? Have any ideas to add?


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Color Themes

Pink and Orange Wedding Colors Orange Wedding Color Themes and Wedding Colors Ideas Pink Theme Wedding Color Purple and Silver Fall Wedding Themes.

Tips and ideas to make your wedding day one to remember

Pink and orange colors for orange wedding color themes. Other wedding colors ideas include pink theme wedding, purple and silver wedding colors, and fall wedding themes.

Flowers for Your Wedding

In Orange and Pink Wedding Colors

pink and orange wedding theme

Carnations are extremely popular wedding flowers. Carnations are beautiful, and can be found all year round especially in the wedding colors orange.

Carnations are the perfect orange wedding flowers that brides usually use for their pink, orange wedding color themes mixed.

Carnation wedding flowers also come in all the colors of the rainbow, for your wedding themes, and are very inexpensive.

Place Cards to Match

Your Pink and Orange Wedding Color Themes

Pink and Orange Wedding Color Themes

Bridal place cards are easy to make for your orange wedding, and pink wedding color themes. The most difficult part of the entire process, is finding the texture, and color for the paper you want to use in your wedding color scheme.

Find heavy card stock ( textured if preferred ) in your wedding color schemes.

  • Free placement cards, and templates can be found at – You can re-create these cards in any card stock paper, and colors you choose.
  • The place card should have your guests first and last name on it.
  • Print the place cards
  • Cut the placement cards very neatly, preferably using a paper-cutter.
  • With a hole puncher, create a small hole in the upper left hand corner of your bridal placement card.
  • String a ribbon through the small hole, in the color of your choice. Because a place card is usually small, choose a slender ribbon.

Wedding Themes for
Pink and Orange Cakes

pink and orange wedding cake
pink and orange cake2
pink and orange wedding cake 3

Here are some additional ideas

  • Use the same colors for your invitations.
  • Use the same color ribbons, in differing sizes. For example use different size ribbon for napkins, place cards, napkins, and invitations.
  • Wrap a folded napkin around your silverware, and a ribbon in your wedding color scheme. Sit the wrapped utensils on the plate, like a gift.


Fall Wedding Colors

Wedding Colors and Fall Wedding Themes for Autumn Wedding Color Ideas.


Fall Color for Your Wedding

Get fall wedding themes for autumn wedding color ideas. Fall is a great time to get married. The air is crisp, the backdrop of the beautiful red, brown, yellow, and orange color leaves helps to create the dramatic atmosphere most brides want.

New York Fashion Week is the most anticipated week of the year for all color and fashion experts worldwide. Search this site for more information on NY Fashion week.

Weddings Colors

Choose color schemes for your fall wedding theme that match with your skin tone, and looks good on and around you.

  • Choose one to two major foundation colors, to serve as your theme colors, then add an accent color to it. For a comfortable, feeling you want to choose at least two colors, but not more than three. Choosing more than three colors for your fall wedding will distract the viewer. Additionally, choosing less than two colors will look sanitized, similar to a hospital room.

Choose or create any fall wedding color schemes from the colors below that fits your venue, is flattering on you, and of course you’ve got to love it!


fall wedding colors sapphire september

Here are some great September wedding ideas to use during Early Fall.

  • Sapphire is the birthstone for September
  • Orange, Burgundy, Yellow
  • Coral, and Burgundy
  • Crimson, Burnt Orange, Ivory
  • Pink, Aqua and Chocolate
  • Pumpkin
  • Apple
  • Shades of Red including burgundy


fall wedding colors tourmaline october

Here are some great October fall wedding colors and wedding ideas for your fall wedding theme. Fall is a prosperous time of year because it is harvest time.

  • Pink Tourmaline, and Opal is the birthstone for October
  • The top pick chosen by most October brides is orange
  • Peach
  • Dusty Rose, and rust with peach
  • wine, brown, burgundy
  • Sage green
  • Metallic: copper, bronze, gold


fall wedding colors citrine november

During late fall it is good to use neutral colors to welcome winter.

Here are some great November wedding colors and wedding ideas for your fall wedding theme.

  • Citrine is the birthstone for November
  • Cream
  • Gold
  • Mocha
  • Carmel
  • Beige

You can also add a bit red, silver and green. Some people use lots of green leaves in the flower arrangements.

Fall Wedding Ideas

You want your wedding to say fall, without screaming it, because the focus should be on you, and not your decor.

Research from wedding planners show rich colors, and lots of texture, along with glamorous accents help to create the perfect autumn wedding color schemes.

  • Mix neutral colors, with your fall wedding colors especially for your white wedding with a pop of color.
  • Table napkins are perfect for creating clever fall wedding accent colors
  • Use lots of texture in your decor. Layer your table linens with two tiers. Some great fabrics are ruche silk, chenille, velvet over taffeta, crimped material, suede, organza.

Makeup Tips

Here are some tips for that perfect fall look with makeup.

  • Before the wedding experiment with lipsticks in rich burgundy and shades of plum. It’s free to try on lipsticks at the makeup counter.
  • Get a moisturizer face mask, and use rich lotion to rid yourself of dry skin.
  • Use bronzing powder on the big day.
  • Where smoky eyes, give yourself an extra coat of mascara.
  • Add some warmth to your face by adding low lights, or highlights to your hair.
makeup weddings

makeup weddings

Makeup Makeovers: Weddings: Stunning Looks for the Entire Bridal Party

bridal makeup finish

bridal makeup finish

Skindinavia Bridal Makeup Finish, 4 Ounce

bridal party gift

bridal party gift

Bridal Party Gift Personalized Cosmetic Bag

professional bridal makeup

professional bridal makeup

Professional Bridal Makeup

Ideas for Wedding Reception Planning

Great guides that provide information, tips and advice to plan your wedding and reception. Also, get audience participation with surveys and special invitations to voice opinions on bridal issues.

101 wedding reception ideas

101 wedding reception ideas

Wedding Tips #1: 101 Wedding Reception Decorating Ideas (Stunning Ideas and Tips for Your Dream Wedding Reception)

how to plan a practical wedding

how to plan a practical wedding

A Practical Wedding: Creative Ideas for Planning a Beautiful, Affordable, and Meaningful Celebration

my memories wedding studio

my memories wedding studio

MyMemories Wedding Studio [Download]

wedding planner

wedding planner

Hortense B. Hewitt Wedding Accessories Wedding Planner, Pink




White Dove Decree

Butterfly cakes with tips and ideas for wedding things. Butterfly release and dove release decrees and prayers.

Ideas for Wedding

Video Source (2:39 minutes)

Butterfly Legend

History dates back to American Indian legend for ceremonial butterfly release. Steps of the ritual:

    • Capture a butterfly
    • Whisper your wish to the butterfly
    • The butterfly makes no sounds, and of course we know it cannot speak, and the butterfly will keep your wish a secret.
    • Your wish is reveled only to the Great Spirit who knows, and sees all things.
    • Your wish is granted by the Great Spirit because you gave the butterfly its freedom

Decree for New Beginnings

butterfly wedding butterfly release

Today, we have gathered here together to proclaim to this couple our best wishes for their success. As we set these butterflies free, we also do trust that all their wishes will be granted.

Through the cycles of our lives come circles of love. We give thanks to the Great Spirit for all these gifts from above.

From the beauty of nature we receive uplifting feelings and from the flight of these precious creatures may you receive the true meaning of life.

As these butterflies find escape into the light, may the promise of the future always be bright. Let these butterflies carry your hopes in what the future brings. May your love always be lifted up on butterfly wings.

Where you can get live butterflies?

      Buy live butterflies.

Insect Lore Live Butterfly Pavilion

Insect Lore

  Buy New $29.95

      It could be very costly to buy butterflies for your Butterfly Launch.
      You can also buy butterflies from personal websites by the number (singly), or by the dozen from Eva’s Lawn Butterflies. The normal cost on the internet for butterflies is roughly $5 per butterfly and up to $600 for a few dozen.

If you are choosing to buy butterflies you will get the charming sleek creatures within 24 hours before your wedding. The butterflies are provided quickly in specifically designed bins.

When the butterflies are obtained they are comfortable in their box, and stay in that state until the day of the wedding.

When you open your unique package full of butterflies the natural light, and environment will motivate the butterflies to fly.

Low cost alternative to buying live butterflies

      Live butterflies are great. However, growing your own butterflies is another wonderful choice. You will also have an awesome opportunity to connect to your butterflies personally during their growing stage.

Here is the web link to buy the Butterfly Collect kit from Amazon online. com and is known as

Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden, the cost is roughly $12.

Butterfly Wedding Cake

      Butterfly cakes are fantastic, and unique wedding ceremony treats. Amazon has some fantastic items to help you with your butterfly wedding, and they are cheap to.

Edible Butterflies © -Large Rainbow Variety Set of 12 – Cake and Cupcake Toppers, Decoration

Beautiful Butterfly Cake Sets – Blushing Glamour in Pink


Edible Butterflies © – Small Assorted Set of 24 – Cake and Cupcake Toppers, Decoration

Beautiful Butterfly Cake Sets – Garden Charm Green

Here is a video to help you bake your own butterfly cake.


What Is The Meaning of
Wedding Doves?

You might ask yourself what exactly is the meaning of doves within a wedding ceremony.

Did you know? Doves are monogamous. Once, doves choose their spouse, mate or partner they keep each other for life.

Well, this is a very important symbol to include in your wedding theme. Also, to have these beautiful doves as part of your ceremonial experience will definitely be unforgettable to everyone in attendance.

Steps of the ritual:

  • White doves are a symbol of love, purity, prosperity, faithfulness, and peace.
  • A happy home is guaranteed if a white dove is seen on your wedding day.
  • White doves represent new beginnings, and embarking on a new life.
  • Because Noah release doves from his ark when in search of peaceful land. Doves also represent peace.
  • White doves represent blessings.


butterfly wedding white dove release

The birds that we release here today are symbols of the love, and commitment that you have given to each other on this day. From this moment forward when you see a white dove it will remind you of this beautiful day.

PURPLE WEDDING The Color Wheel Chart


The Color Wheel Chart

Your first The colors for Pantone are selected by Pantone fashion experts for the exclusive colour of the year.


Wedding Themes

The color purple is one of the wedding themes for wedding color ideas. The pink theme wedding is a popular favorite, and so is silver.

Weddings colors ideas show that most weddings colors for dresses today can be found in classic white and ivory.

Purple wedding colors and purple carnations information for Butterfly wedding and fall wedding colors. Popular wedding colors and love flowers.

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Wedding Colors Purple Themes

These wedding colors purple also match with your pink theme weddings.

  • Plum
  • Indigo
  • Eggplant
  • Lavender
  • Indigo
  • Aubergine

Wedding Color Ideas

The purple theme wedding symbolizes love, and power.

Purple flowers have always been considered the love flower, or flowers of the gods.

In the ancient days of the Romans only the fortunate affluent rich individuals could afford purple dyes.  Purple was used by the wealthy.

Today, purple gives us a feeling of richness, and elegance especially when we see purple in velvet, or satin.

A purple wedding is very passionate, impressively rich, and elegant if you use lots of it through out your wedding themes.  Here are some purple ideas for your wedding.

  • Dresses
  • Decorations
  • Desserts
  • Bouquets

Purple Popular Wedding Looks

  • Modern Look: Lavender accented with yellow or bright green
  • Classic Look: Deep purple accented with blue and brown
weddings colors purple

weddings colors purple

Purple Flowers

    • Carnations
  • Hydrangeas
  • Roses
  • Lilies
  • Lavender
  • Campanulas
  • Orchids

About YELLOW CARNATIONS The Color Wheel Chart


The Color Wheel Chart

Carnations and meaning of rose colors from the #1 color wheel chart site. Get purple flower meaning of roses, the pink carnation, love flowers, wedding carnations.

There are three different variations of carnations:

    • Light
    • Dwarf
    • Spray

The light has one big carnation on top of a stem. The dwarf has several flowers on a stem. The spray has several small flowers on a stem.

    • The yellow carnation symbolically means: Rejection, and disappointment. A large bouquet of these and your feelings of dissatisfaction will be known.
    • The color yellow is bright, warm, and associated with the spring season. So initially they make you you happy, unless you know what their real symbolism means.
    • When creating your own bouquets pair them up with seasonal flowers. Some very nice color combinations are orange, with yellow, and lots of greenery.

yellow carnations

  • The carnation flower has a very strong fragrance, which adds lots of charisma.
  • They have some gray, and blue reflections on their green leaves.
  • Usually blooms in the middle of the summer. Growth from 10-12 inches. Needs soil well drained, gravel at the base of the pot is ideal, with minimum watering.

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Purple Carnations Pinks and Yellow Meanings of Flowers

Carnations pinks are a popular carnation flower for wedding carnations. Meanings of flowers for all carnations including purple flower.

Carnations pinks, and yellows are popular wedding carnations, and great carnation picks. Flower Carnations are available, and beautiful all year long.

Purple carnations are used as a symbol of unpredictability, and spontaneity. Let’s think royalty, power, and success. But this carnation meaning is the flower of the gods.

Purple Flower

The most popular purple flowers are: Purple . . .

  • Daisy
  • Lilac
  • Hydrangea
  • Lily
  • Rose
  • Orchid
  • Hibiscus
  • Purple Carnation

PINK CARNATION Color and Meaning The Colour Wheel


Color and Meaning

The Colour Wheel

Beautiful Roses

Meaning for Flowers

Pink Carnation is a love flower and beautiful. Get meaning for flowers. Like roses they have many colors. See purple flowers, red roses, blue roses. Carnations and purple flowers are popular.

carnations pinks

Wedding carnations, carnation flower yellow carnations and purple flower meanings of flowers date back to ancient Greeks. Flower carnations are inexpensive, and are available all year.

Carnations are popular in yellow carnations and carnations that are pink are the most widely used among the colored carnation picks. Carnations Meanings and its history date back to ancient Greeks. Flower Carnations are popular because they are beautiful.

Pink Carnations

  • The carnations pinks flower speaks of admiration, purity, and innocence. It will be a perfect bouquet of flowers for a teacher, and have been officially names as the flower for Mothers Day.
  • These flowers make elegant floral arrangements carnations pinks when mixed with purple, pink, ivory, and white. Add some snapdragons, or lily grass and the flower arrangement is beautifully detailed.
  • Needs very little upkeep.
  • They grow from 4 up to 24 inches.
  • Please allow good drainage, and water sparingly.
  • Blooms from the middle of summer through early fall.
  • These flowers like to feel warm, but do not like excessive heat. So do not leave them in the sun for too long.
  • Their scent is spicy, and soft.

Purple Flower

Purple carnations are used as a symbol of unpredictability, and spontaneity. Let’s think royalty, power, and success. But this carnation meaning is the flower of the gods.

These purple flower, and carnation flowers are used all year long. Here are some carnations ideas:

  • Mothers Day
  • Valentines Day
  • Summer Decorating
  • Party Tables
  • Wedding Bouquets
  • St Patricks Day (green carnation)

How to Grow Carnations

These flowers are really easy to grow, and you do not need seeds.

  • Get a fresh bouquet of carnations. Get your friend to send them to you 🙂
  • Look at the main stems, and find a branch growing from one of them. It must be at least four inches long. Gently pluck this branch from its stem.
  • Remove all the leaves from the branch, and insert it into a pot of moist sand.
  • Ensure that the sand remains moist at all times. Moist is different from soaking wet.
  • Set in a space with lots of sunlight (minimum six hours).
  • For faster growth add some compost manure.
  • Let grow for one month, before replanting into a larger container.
  • This process works for any color carnation, and can be replanted into your garden, or left in the potting container for interior decorating.

Did You Know?

Fraternities have carnations as their official flower. The pink carnation is the official flower for Gamma Phi Beta.

Ancient Greeks used carnations in their ceremonies. The name carnation is derived from coronation.